Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Restraint of Sale and Foreclosure Fairness

So I am not the best blogger in the world. I will admit that, but in spite of that fact, I have an excuse. In fact I have a good excuse, I have been at war with the banks. So please forgive me while I was in the trenches, but I am back with some real world information, some that you want to hear, some that you don't, but here it goes.
First Point: The banks have been prematurely sent out their notices of default. Here is what is happening, my clients are receiving the notice of default, I will assume the Pre-Foreclosure Options letter prior to the appointment of the Trustee that is sending out the letter. This is problematic because the Trustee is not authorized to do anything until such time as it is appointed. Small problem with the statute and deed of trust that the banks and trustees seem to have with figuring out what "vesting" means.
Second Point: The banks must produce the note. The question is when. The lawyers for the banks have vehemently denied that there is any authority for the production of a note, but the judges, even the very conservative judges in Snohomish County, have been willing to require the banks to produce the notes. This is something that will not happen with a simple letter of request from the borrower to the bank or whatever entity is holding your note. However, if you are in litigation, and you have the right complaint, then the judge can require production of the actual note for inspection. I recommend that you hire a forensic auditor to look it over with you. Have him bring his microscope and split some hairs.
Third Point: You have to have more than a contracts claim to win in court. If you are upset with your HAMP modification (or lack thereof), then you will still need to find a better reason to sue the bank than that. The TPP agreements, if not made permanent, then it has no teeth and will not get you through the door. I recommend some fraud mixed with some misrepresentation, and a dash of conspiracy for good measure.
Fourth Point: The foreclosure Fairness act and its Foreclosure Mediation is here. My offices are doing the letters for $150 and a full representation, including being at the mediation for $900. This process will produce positive results for you if the home is your primary residence. Don’t hesitate, you need to put your request in within 30 days of receipt of your Pre-Foreclosure Options letter.
Last Point: Keep fighting. I had a good friend who was a third degree black belt in judo and a state wresting champ out of Spokane tell me that most of his opponents weren’t willing to push for more than 8 seconds and if he pushed a little longer he would win the fight. That is true in this arena. The opponent is big, and has resources to push for a long time, but its lackadaisical in its approach and lets up at times. That is when you have to push hard and put it on its back.